2020 FINNMARK. Day seventh (Monday morning)

 Palmok is an OK place. Rather primitive in Contact, but being very far out, what else can be expected? Many things are communicated only by signals. As an example, the only instruction in the double hut is a sign: No Smoking.

   We are early risers after good sleeps. No noise overnight has been disturbing us. It is really the  one end of the long Highway 6 from Portugal.

   Another reason for sleeping well can be, that rush is over. A few hours’ drive, and we will be with Åke-Ivar and brother Oddmund in the very charming small fishing village of Kjøllefjord., a long Fjord open to the West.

   I have slept in Åke-Ivar’s home twice before, so left now is just to renew bonds. Laying in the warm bed early this morning, my thinking was drifting wide? Hospitality met with 60 years ago in Samoa (the tropics) as a young person and now here in

   The rich Norway (the Artic) is like day and night in comparison! Have we inhabitants of our common Globe changed so much our are we subject to changes in our humanity?

   Of course, if you grow-up in tribal societies, you become members thereof. If you grow up as nomads, which is or have been more or less the case her in Lapland, you may tend to be less SOCIAL, less Communicating?

Program of the day is:

   Leave at 10-11 o’clock for a stop in Tana to look at shops etc. Then the say two hrs. drive up to Kjøllefjord. We are now out of “the woods”, so the mountains will be bare, and reins, moose and predators might be seen?

    Temp. was yesterday unusual high for September up here (17 gr,), so we have been praised. Only two minutes of light rain, so the empty E 6 Was as our own racetrack! All the time, we moved in long curves up and down, in and out, with breathtaking views to lakes, coasts, mountains tops etc. Add to this, that colors are so picture full and forceful.

   During the last Pasvik stop at Svanvik, we walked their botanical garden, which reveals how rich, the very short artic summer can be. Vegetables are going to big dimensions.

   Our hosts here, Astrid & Andreas, provided us with frozen   “helleflynder”, and with fine, light yellow potatoes dug up in their garden. Delicious.

   We went some 100 mtrs. By car to the Museum (closed) and to the river. Christian walked back to keep his fitness in order.

   As in Australia and other places, I am a bit anxious as to re-union, after here 9 years. I guess needless.

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