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Australia – 1968 to now

   Sunrise from my windows here at Østerbro in Copenhagen is just over the Swedish coast 12 km to the East across the Øresund to the next country. Flying time Brisbane to Auckland is 3 hrs. 15 min. (approx.  3.000 km). The levels of friendship are, however, equal!

About Australia. To now!

    On business trips to China, I did around 1976 meet with Wickers Ruwolt in Brisbane and Sydney, and in June 1999, we (Hanne and I) passed through Sydney early morning from 2 tropic years at Western Samoa. Temp. was as unusual low at 12 dgr. C, so hurry up. Back to the tropics at Bali via Jakarta, Tea with rum to fight the flu!

   Then in 1999, staying in Gen. Giab’s villa at the HaLong bay Navy Camp, Vietnam, high over the limestone islands of the bay, Scott Proudy and I run into each other.

   Scott was “on leave” from 12 years of hard work on his “SYDENHAM” farm at Surat/Roma 500 km in from Brisbane. Tired of writing the yearly X-mas cards, I based in Bangkok, around 2009 decided to visit him.

Suggested to arrive on bicycle. He had however, he said a visit to his Ironmonger 400 km away in Toowoomba and forced me to go the 100 km to there and wait for him. A brilliant idea, as we drove home early evening got to know each other again. Ready to meet with his charming wife, Jennifer, and Scott’s darling girl, Nikita. Today they have four kids, whom I am longing to get to know.

   Two years later, with Hanne, great hospitality was again shown, especially Hanne was cared for by grandparents Dorinda and Ennis.

   We learnt a lot about the “Schwennesen”’s family history. Ennis and his brother Georg have in their possession 3 thick books dealing with their life stories, which I look forward to deepening?

Hanne and svend Aage on a Quadbike – Sydenham

   Jennifer and Scott have by now left Sydenham as their first home, and are at his mother’s place?    Where the four youngsters are heading, I will get to know. rn this.wp

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