New Zealand – the Past!

New Zealand  – 1968 to now

   Sunrise from my windows here at Østerbro in Copenhagen is just over the Swedish coast 12 km to the East across the Øresund to the next country. Flying time Brisbane to Auckland is 3 hrs. 15 min. (approx.  3.000 km). The levels of friendship are, however, equal!

About New Zealand   to now

   Judy and Erroll (lives in Hamilton) were our neighbors in Western Samoa1968 -70. As we have, Judy has been back to there with girlfriends, whereas Erroll goes fishing instead. For many years Samoa was a NZ protectorate.

   Judy and Erroll have shown us the North Island and given us unforgettable trips, inclusive of stays at their Whangamata villa on the East Coast. We were out sailing in the rough deep sea coastal waters with Ron.

With 8.000 m deep sea, the waters of the East Coast is exceptional rich.

   Erroll even drove us down to one of his favorite fishing “grounds”, the Rotorua Lake.

   We are now, after good lifes, at “the End of the Rainbow”, and it will be fantastic to sit talking with each other again. 50 years of friendship is ensuring! fffff

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