Sun was up, and we packed our gear and took it to the car ahead of a delicious breakfast at 09:00. Having lived in such marvelous “Wild Life” designed surroundings out in the woods, haVSbeen medicine for the hectic travel up to now.

   Christian got the idea to save a 100 Km by cutting through to Kirkenes across Finland. Only Corona complications worried us.

   Never mind, we went to the Finland border and explained our only TRANSIT needs, and two competent patrol men let us pass. We then had three easy hours on the most nice road without traffic through to Kirkenes. It was so fantastic to cruise over the plains. The lonely official at the other end just waved us through!

   We are now via a bad road down here at Vaggamatem 100 km down in the Pasvik Valley. It’s time for a “morfar”. Noatun rendezvous has to wait for tomorrow morning. No Sauna either, but may a dip in the river before going to bed?  

   Today’s program was the toughest. We have hardly relaxed enough from a tough start, and the mileage and unknown terrain was worrying us/me also.

   Christian is in touch with Andreas at the next stop, near Tana. After that our Main Stop. Åke-Ivar’s cosy Kjøllefjord home. The long road from Honningsvrå back to Tromsæ, that we see  as “a piece of cake”.

   Rain has not hit us yet, and today up at the plains temperature was 18 gr. Water is seen everywhere as lakes and/or running fast downhill.  Colours are a lot of red and yellow already, and sceneries in general breathtaking.

   Very few birds or animals have been spotted so far. 

    Our rather optimistic program is only possible due all the electronic devices, which can be consulted and used to facilitate successful end results. Wonder how travel will develop in a further life span?

   Have now slept and woke up to sunshine. Around 08:00 hrs, we will drive the 10 km down to NOATUN. Walk out to the borderpost and look over towards the BIG country, Russia. Going North then jsut turn-in at Svanvik to study how well all types of plants and vegatables can grow by plenty of long light in a short summer. More to that later from here 70 gr. North.

Off for another good day.











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