I am now 80 years old and still going strong.

My life has been from a simple farm boy during WWII then on to Traveler, Explorer, Navigator and at the end of a prosperous marriage a widower, My life has been rich. Ups and downs. Hanne and I learnt about ONE World rather early, during a two years UN stay at Western Samoa, work was Monday to Friday. The rest was Polynesian happiness, which then formed the rest.

We  became World Travelers forever. My professional life topped rather early (36 – 38), which in a way stopped or slowed tings down. A creative thinking right from childhood collided with business realities or little demand for such-

Having to respect and support my wife Hanne’s need for fighting with women’s rights then often restricted actions, ALONEDOM will now for me open up for personal opinion to all matters. Orderly! Situations have given a lot friendship, but very few here in DK. Corruption has taken its toll. Being in command on a Danida job, for a consulting engineering project abroad or being an employed in a family owned Company based in Copenhagen could already then be dangerous.

The idea to take a last trip Round the World comes from a desire to meet with the World 2019 and sit with friends to remind” good old times”and to develop new ideas. Maybe later write a book; “An Eye in the Sky”. Covering eight x ten years. A hugh disruption is ahead of us, or ahead of our grandchildren, but I do intend ONLY to make a small step into their IT and Space age?

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