FINNMARK 2020 DAY Eight.

What a full-hearted welcome by the brothers here. We saw the East going “Polatrlys” calling-in at 16:45 and turn round in the “fjord”. Have slept well upstairs and the weather 13 gr. With a sparkling sun.  We, son and father, have walked this site out to have a look at Kim Andrea’s “Maya”. The Sea is so clear.  Walk to the other end of the “village” to the church. Then the “upper road” home for some lunch. It is a bit late (and blowing) for going fishing, and Oddmund with Kim Andrea’s scheduled job at sea is to check King Krab tejns.

   Planned activities are trips inland (Åke’s hut and Meeham Harbour/Sletnæs lighthouse). Relaxe and admire Kjøllefjords combination of all nature’s finest aspects.

   Last night, I learnt, that poor fishermen in old time could row from here in open Sea all the way some 200 km down to Lofoten. Tough times. In this house, Åke Ivar’s, birthplace, was housed parents with six children.

   Half a Century ago children used the harbour platforms to play all day (swim, jump etc.). The Church bells would chime at 20 hrs., and children should go home for the day. The Lensman (police) would patrol with his dog to control appliance. All this has gone.

   Today many elders are housed in hospital, elders home and in elders houses.

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