Round the World 2019 – The Route

The philosophy has been to Keep It Simple – Stupid!

  1. Fly East with the wind.
  2. As straight a line as possible, which has amounted to a total of over 4,000 kilometres.
  3. Minimise the number of days at each destination, but still allowing for making trips with friends.
  4. Where needed, stay at simple hostels or hotels.
  5. Climbing no mountains!

Route in detail.

  • CPH (By TG951 as usual)
  • Bangkok
  • (Trang, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, TPP, koh Li Pi) (New & Sasi)
  • Denpasar (Bali), Tandjung Sari, Sanur, visited in 1970
  • Brisbane Toowomba (Settlers Inn), Sydenham, Emerald, Gladstone
  • Auckland, YMCA, Hamilton, Whangmata, Rotorua? etc.)
  • Easter Island (2 nights)
  • Santiago, (Happy House Hostel) (overland to Lima via Antufugasta)
  • Antufugasta, Quepie Hostel
  • Panacas (Hotel Grand Palma)
  • Lima (Hotel Espana)
  • Sao Paulo, (Cousin Thomas, Andrea & Annette). Visited 1991 & 2017
  • CPH, TAP via Lisboa

Overland stretches.

  • Bangkok to Thong Pha Pumh near Burma (bus)
  • Bangkok to Trang (bus via Hua Hin?)
  • Santiago to Lima via Antofagasta (bus 40 hrs., 3.297 km)
  • Brisbane to Surat (bus)
  • Surat//Roma to Emerald, Rockhampton, Brisbane (hitchhiking? bus/ car?)
  • Auckland to Hamilton, Rotorua, Whangamata return (bus).


1) Captain Joshua Slocum. Alone around the Sea. Ene Mand om Bord. – ”first single hand sailor”. Jorden rundt. Start 24. April 1895 in a renovated cutter” Spray”. Home again 27. June 1898 having done 60.000 nautical miles. All his friend expressed: Slocum has become young again!” (now 54 years old). Spray didn’t find any new countries, for there wasn’t any un-explored. Slocum just completed, what he set out to do! (J.P. Satre: Man is nothing, but what he makes himself!) Sailor Slocum; followed the rule of life: move with caution and be ready to meet any difficulty

2) Arctic Explorer Knud Rasmussen. His motto:” Further, further” (videre, videre) made him the greatest polar explorer. His fifth expedition across Canada became his finest achievement.

3) Antarctic Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and his ship ENDURANCE 1914. He brought after 22 months (4 of which were shipwrecked) all his 27 members of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition home from the Weddell Sea south of “Tierra del Fuiga”. The rescue made him the toughest). (read Alfred Manning’s book. in Danish: Mands Mod).

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