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FINNMARK 2020 DAY Eight.

What a full-hearted welcome by the brothers here. We saw the East going “Polatrlys” calling-in at 16:45 and turn round in the “fjord”. Have slept well upstairs and the weather 13 gr. With a sparkling sun. We, son and father, have walked this site out to have a look at Kim Andrea’s “Maya”. The Sea is so clear.

Norway, Travel

Day FOUR. Kautokeino

The overnight trip on HURTIGRUTEN’s “MIDNIGHT SUN” was so elegant. Having left Tromsø at 18:00, we enjoyed the slow sailing North. , Had a small salad dinner and went to bed early for wake-up at 05:00 to go ashore in Hammerfest, were the car was handed back to us at the Quaye!

Norway, Travel

Tiden, der fulgte!

Langt deroppe i Nord er alt så voldsomt. Søtunger 2m lange og 30 cm tykke, Kongekrabber 2 m.
Havet er oftest flere 100 m dybt og derfra haler en ”juksemaskine” store torsk op. 6 stk. på linen,
når den og dens blylod kommer op.

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