Day FOUR. Kautokeino

The overnight trip on HURTIGRUTEN’s “MIDNIGHT SUN” was so elegant. Having left Tromsø at 18:00, we enjoyed the slow sailing North. , Had a small salad dinner and went to bed early for wake-up at 05:00 to go ashore in Hammerfest, were the car was handed back to us at the Quaye!

We are now lodged in a fine and warm hut at Kautokeino having driven two beautiful stretches in full Lapland sun up along the ever changing Alta river with a short breakfast stop in Alta. Christian really found the Juhl Silversmith visit high up on the river’s southern bank breathtaking, like we have done before. Took a sundowner just outside Maris hut.. A fine, sunny day here very north.

Day Five. Going Karasjok.

Yesterday was a remarkable autumn day up here North. So long and pleasant. From our table in a comfortable hut room, we watched the “midnight sun” around 21:00 just skimming the valley top far over beyond the Alta river settling quietly.

Dinner was Reindeer beef. Very tasteful.

We are now already “seasoned travelers”. Maybe also relaxed, having survived the strange HURTIGRUTE night and the pertaining drive up/in here? Traveling is much more hard work, than I recalled, but charming. In few minutes I shall be the driver of the first stretch back say 50 km of the Highway 45 up to the right hand Karasjok road. Years ago, Hanne and I were the only passengers in a midnight bus driving the stretch over the tundra in pitch dark.

-Cont. Karashok. The passage at daytime across the “plains” to her was marvelous. Nature really reveals all about “who is in control”? Height of vegetation, colors, growth etc. are all determined by the richness of soil or lack of same, the slope of ground, the waterfalls and run-off etc.

What a wonderful drive. We made stops, whenever we felt! Found easily “Engholm Husky”. Checked in to a very “rough” settler’s hut, and having unpacked and after some food, we proceeded to have a glance at the Sami City KARACHOK, 6 km further on, whilst the wood stove went going. Not much to see. A cup of coffee and a small “morfar” up to excellent dinner at 19:00 hrs.

Christian has checked for programs at the next two stopovers on our way up to the real goal of this encounter. The STAY with Kjøllefjord families/friends. So far incredibly good. The weather is with us!

















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