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DAY one – 01 September 2020

A SAS flight or two small ones took us up here to TROMSØ, Finnmark, Norway, via Oslo.

Yesterday was horrible. Almost no sleep all night until Christian in a Taxi picked me up around 03:15.

Passed through an almost empty and sleeping Kastrup Airport (CORANA). Was told by someone, that our joint two pieces of luggage will be sent on to TromsØ. Well seated in the flight there, the crew asked me with my hand luggage  to disembark and go back to the “Check-in”, as something was not correct with my luggage. I had lost Christian in the process. 

The Check-in now was left unattended. We had only been say 20 passengers.

My flight took off, but suddenly Christian turned up. We were re-united. Thank god!

Two hours later, we landed well here WITH the suitcases!

Having chosen to let two TROMSØ BnB nights a start. feels Okay.

It is a Capital of the region as its own up here so far North.

Hours later, we had got a nice Suzuki  car, dropped luggage at B&B, which would be cleaned ready for us at 17:00 hours.

Went shopping and found tasty “Rød¸fisk” for dinner prepared back again by Christian.

Went to bed quite early. Well used!

— cont. Took a small sightseeing trip to the North and due heavy traffic. Christian continued all the way round to the Airport and then in the tunnel back. Went to bed on a small glass of COGNAC. Tasted like Heaven.

Today was set aside for double Museum exercises. Uni. M. in the morning, and Polar M. after lunch. In between purchase of whale meat Roald Amundsen and his encounters. Quite a nice museum. We are now home for two “morfars” (one each).

19:15 hrs. Christian is doing all the work. The black whale meat is well under its way to land as de Luxe dinner.

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