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   Do backpackers live in a symbiosis with NATURE? Yes, enormously. They leave upbringing to follow routes. Settle down and forage. Holds together without a chieftain. Constitutes one breed. Live together in harmony with every goal in mind for the journey itself. You’re out on the living. Finally, away from mom and dad.

   Many a backpacker needs to have a lot of things between childhood and own choice of profession put at place. Travel often two and two, to have one to plan with, take care of one, enjoy experiences with etc. Now, mobile can not be dispensed with, but it probably goes over? The Teddy bears have gone some time ago!

   Migratory birds are, for example, storks flying over the mountains of the Himalayan, “stære” who in January moves in millions up through the Date palms along the Eufratis and the Tigris rivers on their way to  Northern Europe.

Migration  –  Trækfugle

   Levet backpacker i en symbiose med NATURE? Ja, enormt meget. De forlader opvækst for at følge ruter. Slår sig ned og fouragerer. Holder sammen uden en Høvding. Udgør en race. Lever sammen i harmoni med hver et mål for øje udenfor selve REJSEN. Man er ude på opleveren. Endelig væk fra mor og far.

   Mangen en backpacker skal lige have hold på en del ting mellem barndom og et eventuelt studie. Rejser gerne to og to, for at have en at planlægge med, passe på en, nyde oplevelser med etc.  Lige nu kan Mobil slet ikke undværes, men det går nok over?

   Trækfugle er f.eks storke, der flyver over Himalaya’s bjerge, stære, der i januar flytter i millionsvis op gennem dadelpalmer langs Eufratis og Tigrisfloderne på deres vej til Nord-europa.

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