Thailand Status 1st. week

Answer: YES it is. Then what to do about it. Mei ben lei! = PYT in Danish.
However, is it insane, what I am doing?

My brain tells me to be happy and make STATUS.
1) My “home” is functioning well.
2) Sleeps well at night.
3) I loose weight as planned, but do not starve. No stomach troubles.
4) Have so far not been missing any items. Thai sim-card does not work, as I forgot Code Name from home!
5) I do operate well in the City and its renewed organization. Infrastructure has exploded “to the better and the worse” since we left in 2011. Cars are again stranded for hours. Youngsters are filling-up the hundreds of high-rise one-room flats. Or these are put up by rich Chinese, who can earn more here, than in Singapore. Que-up at the Skytrain, so one can hardly walk along the platforms. Take it easy. Their NEW KING is in command “their KING”
6) Memory directs reflections, names etc., which comes to life instantly. I walked 6 km yesterday without falling, remembering all obstructions.
7) Travel, as planned with Focus from DR on-off do certainly add to things to be respected and remembered in planning, so the good start here in Thailand has been given one more side to plan for. Good for that, but nerve moving!
8) I have NOT lost good mood but goes on looking forward. So ALENEDOM does function. Some repacking has to be done (minimizing), but is in no way critical. It can be made on a sunny day.

The FUTURE looks OK. My body is short of rest. Just need a bit of slow number of days at Kanchanaburi and later at VIP Floatel in Tong Pha Puhm looking to the mountain rims of Burma.
Over and out from BKK.

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