Khun Pattarin, LVT. THAILAND 2019

   He is an allround mech. engineer, I should just run capacity tests on Raw Mill and Kiln. We had a large office to our dispotion round the clock. Sitting across each-other, we just worked us through the jobs.
   The office amenities were down the road at the start of the road to the factory site. Often at 2 AM, I would walk to the control rooms and ask “how many tons are we milling? The crews were farmers from around. I challenged them, we the figure was only 170 t/h. The persistent “pressure” got the figure up to 240 t/h, as guaranteed.
   One night heading for the toilet, I landed on the floor besides my bed, where I was found the next morning. At the Karachi hospital efforts were made to counteract a staphylococci infection, but recovery didn’t show up. Khun Pattarin then wheel chaired me back to Thailand. The first hospital there was also not successful, so I went to our Bangkok home at Soi Sailom, where Marie had come out from DK, as Hanne had to go to Seminar in Cairo.When I out of mind “walked on the wall”, threw myself into the swimming pool, Marie called our insurance Company in DK and used big letters. That was the start to six weeks at Bangkok International Hospital, one of the best in the World. The alarm to Saint Peter could be called of.

   Pattarin lately joined F.L.Smidth and were on a jobvisit to Cph recently, I call him “My brother”.

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