Gen & Ken, Hawaii, 1976

Northern Shore

Gen had three sons. One was in VN as a soldier, another in W. Gemany as solder, whereas Bruce joined the Kennedy Peace Corps, and he became colleage and friend in Samoa. Lived later in1974 ½ years With us in DK.
Gen and a new husbond; Ken, lived in the beach village, Kailua, at Oahu over the mountains on the Likelike highway from Honolulu. We, us four plus maid Lene, stayed in 1976 with Bruce on the Big Island en route to six weeks in Samoa. Christian with Rasmus stayer with Gen & Ken, and later he and Anders stayed there as backpackers. Hanne and I again at Khailua in 2005. When Marie 14 years old could not go skiing with her class due Artrisies,, I took the telphone to Hawaii and asked Gen if Marie could compensate by two winterweeks at Hawaii. Gen said: ”She may come”. It became a big succes With a Divers Certifikat at the Waikiki beach. Her teacher even lived in Khailua and drove her over the mountains each day. Ken approached his wife with the question: ”Why did you invite Marie, she is not even American” Gen told him to shut up. She was International hereself. Years later sitting in the month of May, in a couch here at Cph, when we had the couple as our guests, Ken himself revealed the story.
Gen & Ken took a cabin on the Oslo Line, out of Øresund in the afternoon, and into the Oslo Fjord in the morning. Return the other way around. Sitting at their breakfast a couple asked if they could have the two free chairs at their tabel. The were from the ”next village over” at Oahu. No taxi available, but the couple had a bus waiting and offered to bring Gen & Ken free over to the Thor Heyrdahl museums etc. on the opposite side of Oslo. They had, however no more museum tickets, and our friends at least then had to pay their own entrance. They came home laughing.
They had been riding free of charge on th e busv the whole day rigth back to the boat. Their Cruise was a big succes.

Big Island, Bruce and Hanne


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