Being looked well after. Khun NoJiam

An old SAS man helped me to lease a marvelous house at Soi Sailom, a few hundred meter away from PCD , my coming working place.
The house, one out of seven, was more than big enough, so a number of short staying colleagues (3 weeks courses) could/would then be housed as well. Natually a big swimming pool was an asset.
The guard at the gate, khun Boon, was up from Isan, and suddenly his wife, khun Nojiam, with him moved into my storeroom at the back door.
Despite having no common language things went fantastic from then on.
NoJiam kept the house, pressed my shirts etc., and when I was about to leave Thailand, she said to Marie. Khun Svend: ”Sabai, sabai” (good man).

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